About Vinnie

Vinnie Vincenzo is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, heavily influenced by Classic Rock, with experience in country, blues/jazz and funk. Vinnie started playing drums at 13. At the age of 14 he joined his first musical act Clear Image Band. They played weddings and bigger venues such as the Ontario Place Forum, the CNE band shell and Centre Island.

After 6 years, Clear Image Band’s members separated, satisfied with a string of great accomplishments, and moved on to new horizons. Vinnie moved to Barrie and played in a country band for 9 months, after which he moved to London where he settled into the music scene. He spent some time in a blues band and began hosting Open Mikes around town.

In 1995, playing in Zoe’s Dream, Vinnie first began dabbling in simultaneous drum/bass sets, which would later become a common staple of his London gigs. “When Vinnie plays bass and drums at the same, it’s impressive because it’s not at all gimmicky–it’s actually really very well executed.”

Vinnie has two new DVD’s. His One Man Rhythm Section DVD is a sight to behold, at last documenting a comprehensive exhibition of not only Vinnie’s simultaneous drum/bass playing, but also of his true great talent and charisma for the camera.

His second DVD, Joint Effort, is a promotional medley of Classic Rock featuring himself and Jake Levesque.

Both of Vinnie’s DVD’s have been very popular at all of his performances, both within London and beyond.

Vinnie is currently in a great place in his life’s journey. For the future, he foresees more artistic projects and ever higher musical accomplishments on the horizon.

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